Image CDN

Upload images to your subdomain.

By default, images created when creating a post will be uploaded to's server.

If you want images to be uploaded to your server instead, this feature will help you do that.

Note that if you configure this feature incorrectly, the system will not be able to upload images. Therefore, please carefully follow the instructions.

To prepare for this feature, you need:

  • Domain management permission. Create a subdomain.

  • Create a free account at

The steps to follow:

  • After adding the domain, you will see the Image CDN section in the Web Page menu.

Click on the "Add" button to add.

Currently, supports an image CDN provided by

Tebi gives you 25GB of free storage for images, files, and has servers worldwide. After registering an account at tebi, log in and fill in the following information:

On the page:, please note:

You will enter your subdomain:

For example, if your domain is and you want to store images at, you will enter in the "Enter Bucket Name" field. Then, click "Next".

And create a key by entering the bucket name (

You need to fill in these three pieces of information in reverse order.

Next, click on Check & Save to complete the process.

After you click, the system will upload a file named hello.svg to your bucket. You need to configure the Cname field in the domain management section of your account.

Access your domain management page:

  • Type: CNAME

  • Name: img01 (match with the subdomain name)

  • Target: type

In case you use Cloudflare, remember to select the yellow cloud

After finishing the configuration, you can go back to the editor (remember to reload the page) and upload a file to check if it appears.

If the file appears, congratulations, your image CDN configuration process is complete.

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