Keyword management

Manage all of your keywords on one page

To manage your keywords, you can use the "Keywords" menu on the top menu.

At the Keyword page, you will see a table of information as follows:

(1) Add keywords

Use this feature to add keywords. This step is similar to the "Keyword" step, but you can add multiple keywords at once.

  • Note that each line you add will be written as a post.

  • In one line, you can use commas "," to separate similar keywords. This helps to make the post more detailed.

(2) Actions

At item number 2 are the main tasks on keywords to request AI to perform, including:

  • Write: request AI to write an article

  • Schedule: scheduling an article to be written

  • Writing: AI is currently writing the article

  • Edit Post: editing the completed article.

Bulk Write

If you want AI to write multiple articles at once, select the keywords you want AI to write and click on Bulk Write.

In case your package allows for more articles than the number of selected keywords, AI will schedule writing all of them. In the remaining case, there will be a notification for you to reduce the number of selected keywords to match the remaining amount in your service package.


You can filter by the time of Writing or Posting to manage keywords more easily.

(3) Edit Keywords

You can click on the keyword (in blue) to edit it before requesting AI to write.

(4) Edit Posts

After AI finishes writing, you can click on the Edit Post button to edit and publish the article on your website.

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