Create and add images to the article using AI

When creating a post, if you choose to generate images, AI will try to create 4-5 images for you

Using AI to create images

This option relies entirely on AI. Therefore, if your keywords are too vague, AI will generate vague and inappropriate images. This option is suitable for food, scenery, etc. This option is not suitable for technical terms, formulas, or complex requirements.

Images from Shutter Stock

This option is highly rated for finding images that match your content. The system finds images from Shutter Stock for you. These are Shutter Stock images, so they may have a Shutter Stock watermark. This option finds images that meet over 80% of most customers' requirements.

Images from Yandex

This option uses Yandex's search engine to find images. These are duplicate images from other websites and may be copyrighted. This option finds images that meet over 90% of most customers' requirements.

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