Providing keywords helps aiktp shape your article.

After completing the registration, the system will suggest that you provide 1 keyword to write the article.

In this step of providing keywords, you need to pay attention to:

Step 1: Provide 1 keyword, you can provide a long keyword or synonyms of 2-3 keywords. For example, if you want AI to write about how to cook beef noodle soup.

If you only provide the keyword "how to cook beef noodle soup", the AI will try to infer some ideas such as: the history of beef noodle soup, who should eat beef noodle soup, how to cook, and the recipe for beef noodle soup.

However, if you want to clarify more, you can provide keywords in the form of "how to cook beef noodle soup, how to cook Hue-style beef noodle soup, how to cook Southern-style beef noodle soup". In this case, AI will write more accurately and help you rank higher.

Step 2: Choose tone

Tone is the writing style, and different writing styles will have different content. For more details about writing styles, please see the next article.

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