AI Tone

Selecting the right tone will help your article receive better engagement.

The content of a website can have different styles depending on the target audience you want to reach. This is also true for AI, as each writing style will have a different way of presenting the content.

Introduction to AIKTP's writing tone

aiktp currently offers 5 writing styles, but we are constantly adding new styles to meet the requirements of customers.

SEO Focus

This writing style focuses on SEO, helping the keywords to rank high on Google. This style focuses on repeating keywords to create a high keyword density.

Year In Title

This style focuses on making the title stand out on Google by adding the year to the title. For example: 10 Best Writing Tips in 2023.


This style is suitable for cooking, nutrition websites. This style will try to propose cooking recipes suitable for your keywords. As well as with each recipe, it will provide suggested tables on the nutritional value of the dish.


This style is suitable for those who work in technical and programming fields. This style will support the generation of code for most programming languages. Helping the article to be more clear and detailed.


The Friendly style will write in a casual and conversational tone, and try to surpass the AI detection.

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